Two Became One


“Two Became One”

The following performance is dedicated to all my Yazzie and Notah grandparents.

This performance I was able to use a Pueblo Pottery and Navajo Basket to symbolize unity, harmony and marriage or union between two individuals. This performance means more than just marriage, it’s about creating relationships, partnerships with those around us.  I want to expand this into communities and neighboring tribes. We come together to make us strong. We come together to create stories. We come together to create life and love. The more we come together, the more it’s harder to break us. To break our spirit.

Enjoy the performance!


Yes, I do Makeup

As a dancer and model, sometimes you have to take your appearance into your own hands. I can’t begin to tell you how many times, I had to do my own makeup and hair for fashion shows and photoshoots. I even get asked to do others makeup as well. Sometimes it does get to you, especially when you just want to feel pampered. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining. I actually love makeup and I love to share my tips and tricks I learned over the years.

My love for makeup started when I was tiny girl, maybe about 4 years old. I remember watching my auntie put on her eyeliner and mascara before she went to work. One time before we took our family photos, I asked my auntie to put eyeliner on me. And she did. I was so excited! I felt like a grown-up, which was amazing and at the time was a huge deal. Haha! In the photos you can barely see the eyeliner, it’s like did my aunt even put anything on me? But she did. Since then my love for makeup grew.

Now, my grandpa was very strict on allowing me to use to makeup. He told me until I turn 14, I would be allowed to wear it. Of course, when I was 11 or 12, my friends and I, would use makeup. Eyeliners, lash curlers, and lipsticks, we’d share (though it’s not a good idea for sanitary reasons). But once I get home, I would wash off the makeup. The day I turn 14, I went to walmart and got eyeliners, eyeshadows, tinted lip gloss. Later, I got an eye lash curler, which now I can’t live without.

My makeup experience was done through trial and error. In my day, we didn’t have YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, or other social media outlets. Where I learned makeup was by reading and looking in magazines or books. Also, I was maybe one of the lucky girls who like natural looking make-up. I didn’t play with color too much in High School. I stayed away from lipsticks and faux lashes. I guess another reason why I played it safe with my makeup is because of how young I looked for my age. I was 17, still being mistaken for a 12 or 13-year-old. I know there were people who thought, “Why is she trying to act older than she is?!” It wasn’t the comments that hurt the most, it was the fact I couldn’t express myself the way I wanted too.

When I entered college, I began to play more with makeup. I learned to use colors and faux lashes are super fun. The freedom I’ve been longing for finally came! I won’t lie, I still can’t make the liquid eyeliner even but I do try my best. And here’s a little tip I learned, use faux eyelashes to cover up the unevenness of the liner. OR take a q-tip with a makeup remover and clean up the line. Practice, patience, and passion, is all it took for me to learn about makeup.

My best advice for those of you wanting to learn to apply makeup is… Just do it! The more you play with makeup the better you’ll become. You’ll learn what works for you. Remember too, not all faces are the same. What works on others, may not work on you. Learn about face shapes, eyelid shapes, and lip shapes. And don’t be afraid to ask for help or advice. I asked many times about lipstick colors, other honey/tawny skin people use.

The more and more I learned about makeup, I also learned a good deal about myself. I learned even just curling and applying mascara are all I need to feel my best. I don’t need a full face all the time to love myself. Throughout my makeup years, self-confidence, self-esteem and self-love have always had my back. If, you don’t have these things it is going to be a lot harder putting off bright colors or bright red lips. Learn to have confidence, self-esteem and self-love in yourself and the rest will fall into place. That’s really all it takes.

Now go out there and be Beautiful! And watch my makeup tutorial below.

-Lady Yazzie 💋

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I forgive you for this


On December 22, 2016, my car was broken into. I’m so heartbroken. My makeup, clothes, corn pollen, MacBook Pro laptop, external hard drive with photos, videos, documents (from 2007 to 2015). Personal notebook with unpublished poetry and stories. A book called “She comes first” which is brand new. 2 planners for the years 2016 and 2017. Invoices, personal work documents. Black backpack and small Yoshi backpack.

I do want to say something. I lost everything but I want you guys to be aware if you see anything such as photos, videos of my family, friends and myself please let me know. Or if rumors come around that are about my friends, relationships, etc., I had a notebook full of personal stories and thoughts, which help me battle my depression and anxiety. Some of these stories and photos could hurt my family and friends beside me if it gets out. Yes, that’s how personal my stuff was. I may be a private person but my laptop, external hard drive, and notebook have all my secrets. I want to apologize in advance to everyone. I’m really sorry.

I don’t know if this was a random person or if someone has it out for me or is jealous of me. I really don’t know. I just hope this person or persons realize what they did and turn everything in. The police are doing everything they can to find these whoever did this. I ask for prayers not only for myself but for my family and friends. I’m still tearing up because part of my life is stolen. I still can’t believe this happen. Again I’m sorry family and friends. And pray everything gets returned back.

I had a glimmer of hope early this morning. I received a notification about my MacBook Pro, however, it wasn’t about the tracker. It just informed me it was locked on the day I locked it. I’m still praying for whoever decided to break into my car. Not because I want them to be found but I want to see them as good people and I want them to see themselves as good people. I forgive them because maybe they had no choice, maybe this was their last option, maybe they were desperate, or something of that nature. Yes, I was upset, hurt, angry and pissed but I don’t wish bad things to happen to them, even though I have every reason to do so. I believe in karma and maybe I had this coming. I admit that without hesitation because I am not perfect, I make mistakes. And whoever did this, it was a mistake and I forgive them. And I also thank them because I needed this. After this event, I realized I held on to the past for far too long. I had so many plans that never formed. Unfinished stories I wanted to share. And all of that was sitting in front of me going to waste. This event also made me understand the word “humility” on a deeper level. As my grandma told me, “Think of this event as a gift,” to be honest, it was. Whoever did this gave me a gift of forgiveness and letting go and also the fire to push harder in my craft but to remain humble and give my Creator the credit he deserves daily.

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November 14, 2016 UPDATE





Hello everyone!

I’m sorry I haven’t posted a blog is a few months. I have a few drafts in “storage” which I hope to share with you very soon. I haven’t been able to master time management since I started school and a few new jobs.

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In love and light

-Lady Yazzie

July IPSY Glam Bag (2016)

IPSY IPSY IPSY! I feel like these amazing little bags have been the talk since 2012. I received my July Glam Bag about a week ago. And I am here to give you my first impression on these products I received in my Glam bag.


Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré

1) Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré– This is a multi-purpose all-in-one moisturizer which can be used as a moisturizer, primer, moisturizing mask, and/or make-up remover. The texture is thick and feels a little heavy on the face. I have a normal-dry and depending on the season, sensitive skin type. I didn’t like to wear this during the day because it made my face look oily. However, I did like it as a night-time cream, I woke up with my face feeling hydrated. This product caused no irritation or redness to my face. It is also Paraben-free which was a plus. I would recommend this product if you have dry to sensitive skin. 

2) Luxie Beauty Luxie Rose Gold Small Angle Eye Brush 215– I’m ready a huge fan of Luxie Beauty brushes so I was excited to received this angle brush. I got this brush just in time because I misplace my previous angle brush. The bristles are firm and sturdy to make crisp clean lines with gel and powder. If you love clean lines I recommend getting this brush.


Tréstique Highlight Stick

3) tre’StiQue Mini Highlight Stick in Maldives Luminescent– I’m not a huge fan of highlighters because it’s hard for me to find the right formula and texture for my skin type and tone. But I think I found the one! First, let’s talk about the packaging, isn’t it cute? I love that it resembles a pencil/crayon. It feels like play-time when applying this on which it should be because make-up is fun! Next, the formula is creamy and smooth and is easy to blend. It can be blended easily with your clean fingers, beauty blender or a blending brush. Though I found fingers and the beauty blender works the best. The finish is natural and dewy, which is a plus because most highlighters look unnatural or greasy on me.


theBalm Cosmetics Eyeshadow and OFRA Cosmetics Lip Li

4) theBalm Cosmetics Meet Matt(e) Trimony Eyeshadow in Matt Kumar– I always had a problem with matte eyeshadows because I don’t like the texture or formulas. However, this particular brand is the first that made me look at matte eyeshadows differently. The texture is smooth and easy to blend. The color is a warm red brick which matches with my skin tone. The pigmentation is very good but I do find myself applying more layers to get the desire look I like. It can be use on its own or as a transition color. I especially like to use this with a shimmer brown eyeshadow. 

5) OFRA Cosmetics Lip Liner in Maya– This my first product from OFRA Cosmetics and I’m actually excited. I love the red color because its has the warm undertone. I love the pigmentation, it can be layered easily. It is easy to blend if you want more of a stain on your lips. I suggest using your favorite chapstick if you choose to wear it on its own like I did. Overall its a great base for any red lipstick.

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June 2016 Top 5 Favorites

Yá’át’ééh or Hello,

We are half way through the year! Can you believe it? It feels like it was just the beginning of the year. I’ve been busy trying develop an idea of my blog and YouTube channel, besides working and traveling. Since, my knee injury at the end of May, I realize how much I need self-improvement, especially in the creative department. With that said I’m definitely going to keep up with a new blog post “Monthly Favorites.” I’ll be using rating of a 10 point scale, 1 being the lowest to 10 being the highest, if no rating I’ll say “no rating.”


  1. Urban Decay- Cannonball Ultra Waterproof Mascara: I think it’s safe to say this is my new favorite mascara. I know this product as been on the market for years but it took me a very long time to finally say, “I’ll give it a try” and only because I had no choice. Haha. The day I purchase this item, I was actually looking for Tarte’s waterproof mascara but neither Sephora or Ulta had it. Then I remembered hearing good things about this product and decided to go with it. The package is the typical mascara tube but what I like is the wand. The wand and brush felt sturdy which is a must because I get a little annoyed with wands or brushes that move around. The waterproof formula has great pigmentation with little micro fibers which is a plus for my short eyelashes. I like the micro fibers because it helps build up the desire volume and holds your natural eyelashes with faux eyelashes. Removal is difficult if you don’t use a eye make-up remover or oil cleanser.
    • I give this product a 10 out of 10.
  2. REN Clean Skincare- EverCalm Global Protection Day Creme: This product saved my face from dry patches. I received this product in my ISPY Glam Bag (referral link) about 2-3 months ago. The first time I used this product I wasn’t happy because the texture was thick and heavy, I figure maybe I’ll save it until the winter time when the air is drier. However, I wasn’t expecting my face to have dry flaky patches, especially in May and June. So I decided to break out this product because of its thick formula. After a week of using this product, my face started to look and feel better. It’s made without parabens, sulphates, mineral oil, petrolatum, synthetic fragrance, synthetic colors, diethanolamine (DEA), triethanolmine (TEA) glycols silicones, and PEGS (polyethylene glycol) which a plus if you don’t like using these in your facial products. I do enjoy the smell, which is 100% natural. The scent is reminds me of a plant or the outdoors, not a heavy nor a light scent but a neutral scent. I would definitely recommend using this product if you have normal-dry, dry to very dry skin and sensitive skin types.
    • I give this product a 8 out of 10 because its doesn’t have SPF and the thick and heavy texture.
  3. Urban Decay- Electric Palette: This is an old favorite. The only reason why I got this product was because of the colors. At the time of purchase I was a little hesitate because wasn’t sure if I was going to use it since my former office/retail/restaurant jobs wanted a natural look and the only time I would be able to use this palette would be a night on the town or performances/model purposes. Once, I left the jobs I was able to wear bright colors more and this was a favorite of mine. I love the pigmentation, very bold and bright. The texture is smooth and easy to build up the intensity of the colors, both dry and wet applications. However, the color “Thrash”  is a little harder to build on my medium-dark skin tone. Also, it was pointed out by Urban Decay that 3 colors do tend to stain (slow burn, savage and jilted) and it’s advise not to use directly on the eye like eyeliner. Though this is true, I do use the colors as the eyeliner but do please be careful and use a good eye make-up remover when cleaning. The dual-ended brush, does get the job done if you don’t have any make-up brushes on hand but I do recommend using other brushes for the look you would like to create.
    • I give this product 9 out of 10 because of the brush it comes with.
  4. Avia Women’s Active- Capri Leggings: I am a very active person and going to the gym or outside to workout is a must for me. I like to feel comfortable and not sticky but also stylish. I was automatically drawn to the pattern and color. I’m a huge fan of floral patterns and prints. Blue must have been my favorite color during the past couple months, so much that my hair was even blue. (Or maybe I miss my old job at Ross Dress for Less. Lol!) The fabric is very breathable especially during my HIIT or cardio training days, other active wear I felt over-heated and sticky which is not fun. I also like that it has a little inside pocket for keys or chapstick.
    • I give this fashion item 9 out of 10 because it was capri style length.
  5. Earrings: I wish I could remember the name of the lady who made these earrings! I purchase them at my local Gallup, New Mexico Flea Market. (If you’re a person who likes to buy direct from the dealers head there.) These earrings are statement pieces and many friends and family know I love big earrings. The design is base on our culture’s Navajo basket. The jewel inside the basket is a uniform cubic and has all the  a reflection of rainbow colors. I get so many compliments on them. If I do fine the information of the seller I’ll definitely make a post of her information.
    • I give this fashion item 11 out 10.

All this items are amazing and why they made my top 5 of the month of June 2016. See you next month for July favorites.

Ahéhee dóó Hágoónee’ (Thank you and see you later/good-bye).

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Reflection on the Power Girl Challenge

At the beginning of this month of February, I decide to take on the Blogilates “Power Girl Challenge.” Everyday, for 14 days you would do a pose, snap a pic, use the hashtag (#) and describe what the #hashtag meant to you.

First of all, I was amazed in myself for actually following through the challenge. In the past I have tried other challenges but I never was successful. I think the reason why I was able to keep this one up was because I had to describe what each #hashtag meant to me. It was easy for me to relate to reach #hashtag to a story, issue or cultural aspect in my life. The greatest part of this challenge however, was the people who shared a moment with me. I had a few people message me or come up to me at events, to tell me about how I was such an inspiration, or how my words offer them encouragement. Its the little things like this which makes me happy because I’m helping others out there to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I’m not a perfect person but I do try my best to help others. And I hope my stories encourage you to go out there and be an inspiration to others as well.

One last thing: EDUCATE yourself on Indigenous Issues. I had at the honor of being apart of “International Day of Solidarity with Leonard Peltier” and “Stand-Out to Demand Clemency for Leonard Peltier” in Albuquerque, NM. I was able to use this challenge (Day 5-6) as a way to bring awareness to the Peltier issue. Don’t be afraid to take a stand and do what’s right. FREE PELTIER!

Please visit:
or call Obama 202-456-1111 to Demand Clemency for Leonard Peltier!


Day 1: “Self-Love/Power Girl Crush”
I love all 5 ft, 112 lbs of my Indigenous female self. Including all my stretch marks, scars, cellulite, rolls & flaws. I am a single mother. I am dance performer, model, writer, advocate & front end supervisor. I struggle with depression & anxiety. I was abused & raped. I am a survivor of genocide. I am a lady warrior. I am Lady Yazzie. I am Asia Soleil Yazzie. I am “The-One-Who-Lives-Here-and-There.” #PowerGirlCrush

Day 2: “Get ready here I come”
Since November I’ve been feeling down & I mean really down. And last month I had my breaking point but with prayers & finding my determination, I fought back once again.
#GetReadyHereICome and here I come with the fierceness of a Diné lady warrior. I come with the prayers from my family & friends, my ancestors, my Holy People & my Creator God. I come with love & humility. I come with a “Dream to Make Believe.”

Day 3: “Reach for it”
Once was only playtime to a tiny 7 year old, she is finally living her dream of being a dancer. That tiny girl was me, 21 years ago. One morning I said “I’m going to be a dancer” and I put my dream into the universe of God’s hands. Now, I’m traveling, performing & doing what I love. I made my “dream to make believe” & I haven’t stop working on creating new dreams.
We all have dreams & goals we want to accomplish right? So I ask you today to #ReachForIt! Don’t be afraid to fall & make mistakes! It’s part of the learning process & it’s only going to make you stronger & wiser. I can’t tell you the times I doubted myself or failed but I made it this far. So go out there… Be fearless! Push beyond you comfort zone! Be a warrior! Reach for your dreams!

Day 4: “Get uncomfortable”
When I first started modeling in 2012, I was uncomfortable because I didn’t have much experience in posing or walking. After the first run through, I gained the confidence & inner strength to keep going. If I wasn’t uncomfortable I don’t think I would have enjoy it has much as I do.
Being uncomfortable isn’t scary, so don’t feel afraid when you start to feel that way. Being uncomfortable means you are pushing beyond your comfort zone, boundaries & limits to become a better, stronger & wiser person. #GetUncomfortable

Day 5: “Super star/ Free Peltier!”
“To heal will require real effort, and a change of heart, from all of us. To heal means that we will begin to look upon one another with respect and tolerance instead of prejudice, distrust and hatred. We will have to teach our children-as well as ourselves-to love the diversity of humanity….We can do it. Yes, you and I and all of us together. Now is the time. Now is the only possible time. Let the Great Healing begin.” -Leonard Peltier. An American Indian Activist & Super Star. #FreePeltier
I am a #SuperStar because I am a survivor of genocide. I have the blood of my ancestors, warriors, medicine people that came before me which gives me strength to fight against injustice & violence we face as Indigenous Peoples.

Day 6: “Hózhó (Balance)/ Free Peltier!”
Difference. “Let us love not only our sameness but our unsameness. In our difference is our strength. Let us be not for ourselves alone, but also for that Other who is our deepest Self” -Leonard Peltier #FreePeltier
As a Diné individual who abides by my culture, we are taught to embodied the idea or philosophy of Hózhó which is striving #Balance & harmony. As human beings we constantly in the border between health & sickness, good & evil, happy & sad, light & dark, but without the 2 parts there can be no balance. We must work with all living things around us, it be in physical world with humans, animals & nature and/or with the spirit realm, the Holy People & Creator, in order to achieve Hózhó (balance & harmony). Having the sameness & differences is the balance & helps us become stronger as Peltier mentioned.

Day 7: “What makes me unique”
#WhatMakesMeUnique is I am my own person. I’m often told that I am unique from those around me. However, I believe it is in my family, friends & Creator who made me unique.

Day 8: “This is why I’m strong”
“I am strong because I’m a mother beyond all else.” -Lady Yazzie (Asia Soleil Yazzie) for Save Wįyąbi Project.
My son JP, is the greatest blessing I have ever received. #ThisIsWhyImStrong because my little fireball made me strong. He’s is the reason why I’m able to overcome all that endure because at the end of the day my son is all that matters.

Day 9: “I am not afraid”
#iAmNotAfraid to love, to dream, to laugh, to dance, to live. And to be true to myself.

Day 10: “True Beauty ”
Hello my Beautiful Dreamers! I would like to mention something, beauty comes in all shapes, sizes & forms. #TrueBeauty comes from the inside out. Show your true beauty from the heart, not from your physical appearance. You can have the most beautiful physical feature(s) but if you have an ugly heart, your good looks have no value. There’s no greater beauty than having a beautiful heart. So go my Beautiful Dreamers be beautiful inside & out!

Day 11: “Go get it! ”
If you truly want something bad enough you will #GoGetIt! You will set goals & standards for yourself to achieve what it is you want. Once you find your passion, your journey begins & your life begins. Believe in yourself & good blessings will come your way.

Day 12: “Grounded”
When I first asked my dad where I came from, he told me I was made from the dirt. I didn’t believe him, so I asked my grandparents & they said you came from the dirt of Mother Earth. In my 4 or 5 year old mind it made no sense. But they where telling the truth.
In my Diné culture, when a child is born, we keep & bury the umbilical cord near the home. We do this because it gives the child a sense of belong to where it is they came from. It’s because of that I am #Grounded & deeply rooted to my Mother Earth who gave me my identity as Diné woman.
PS: This is our family Hogan. And my grandpa was my photographer

Day 13: “Stretch Beyond”
I am not the most flexible person when it comes to certain movements or situations. However, I do my best to #StretchBeyond my limits to achieve my dreams & to do what is right. This means I am growing as a person & becoming a better version of myself than I was yesterday.

Day 14: “Jump for Joy! ”
I am done with my 14 day Power Girl Challenge. I #JumpForJoy for I have actually completed this challenge. Today I also jump for joy because I know I am loved by my family, friends & those who passed to the spirit world. From the bottom of my heart & soul… I love you
PS: My shirt rocks lol! #MusclesAndMascara

The meaning behind my “White Scarf” in Momentum

I’ve been on the road almost every other week with my brothers/homies, AnTro, DJ Béeso, True Pride Music, Antoine Edwards Jr & Squad. I’m now being recognized for something I only ever dream of. And it still freaks me out when people come up to me and say “Hey! You’re Lady Yazzie right?” I just smile and reply, “Yes, I am.” Many of these people ask questions like what inspires me, when did I start dancing or when is my next show and other questions. One of the most frequent questions is “Why do you use the scarf in the song “Momentum?” Which I decided to explain today. We all have different ways of explaining a story or making a statement. Through my dances, I use different objects and props to keep my audience engage, but they also have meaning behind them.


Photo Credit: Stephan Hoglund Wedding and Portrait Photography

The scarf is white to represent “the White/Glittering world” in our Diné creation story. In our creation story we, Diné people, emerged through 3 different worlds before we came into the the forth and final (present) world, called the “White or Glittering World.” Please take note of this, it depends on who you talk to, the “White world” and “Glittering world” can be seen as 2 separate worlds. Some may say, the “White” and “Glittering” world are the same thing. Others may say, we are living in the “White world” and the “Glittering world” has yet to come. Then we have others who say, the “White world” is gone and we are living in the 5th world named the “Glittering world.” Please be aware of this. Not every Diné person might agree. Regardless, my scarf is white to represent the present world we live in whether that may be the “white” or “glittering” world.

The first part of the dance routine is just living in the moment and in the present. Thus, why with each performance the first part of the song changes. “Live in the moment.”

When the line “In this life we come, we come together” I begin to place the scarf over my head because we as Indigenous peoples need to come together and work as one to create and be that change. We face so much as Indigenous peoples with our land being stolen, our languages and traditions being lost. As the Seventh Generation it is our duty to be that voice, that change, so our children and future children don’t have to suffer. As well as to honor our ancestors who literally gave their blood so we may be able to live now. We need to hold each other up and live in and with positivity.

Once scarf is drape over my head, my prayer begins. The scarf now symbolizes two things: 1st for our Resistance as Indigenous peoples and 2nd for our Missing and Murder Indigenous Women (MMIW). I’ve seen many photos of Indigenous people with scarfs covering their faces, either half or full on, it’s a form of resistance and/or being militant. Taking a stand against the government who has done us wrong throughout history. As for the Missing and Murder Indigenous Women, when scarf is over my head, I can’t really see what’s on the other side because I’m lost. I am lost because someone has stolen me, taken me away from my home. I have family and friends searching for me but as I try to grab them with my hands, I’m unable to reach them from this side. If I do return home, I’m the one who is blamed by police, because “I was asking for it” and there is “lack” of evidence to bring my offender to justice. That’s ONLY IF I make it home… alive.

As I begin to take off my scarf, my prayer continues. My prayer now speaks, that we as Indigenous people need to unmask the lies and broken promises the government has made. That we may find and solve the MMIW cases and bring their offenders to justice. Indigenous peoples have been push to the side long enough and it is now time for us to use any form we can get our hands on and fight back, resist and LET OUR VOICES BE HEARD!

As you may notice, I start to take out my side braid once the scarf is off my head. Having your hair down in Diné culture isn’t a good thing. As a woman, having your hair down means you’re looking for war. But its also a sign of mourning. I take out my hair because we are still at war with the government. We still fight to save our sacred lands and our language and culture. I wear my hair down because I mourn for those women, children, men and elders who are missing or having been taking from this life.

Finally, I raise my hand with my scarf, just like a jingle dancer who raises their fan in the air, to spread blessings. I give my blessing to those who are there watching me. I send off my prayer to my Creator, who blessings me. Blessings all around. Blessings.

My prayer finally ends in one pose, “one fist raise to the sky” my Indigenous brothers & sisters, we should all know the meaning behind this one.

Photo credits: Meek Watchman

Photo credit: Meek Watchman

*NOTE: the video was filmed in Bozeman, Montana AND it was specially made for Project: Moving Talent Forward. If you come to see or have seen this very song performed live, you’ll notice I don’t use the navajo basket. My navajo basket routine is made for a different song. But because I was on a time limited & wanted to share my culture with my Indigenous relatives from the north, I felt it was right to share the basket routine. So please don’t be upset, if you don’t see the basket in the routines for this song. Like I mention earlier the basket as it own song.

Click Below to view the Official Music Video of “Momentum” AnTro & DJ Beeso featuring Kansas Begaye

AnTro & DJ Béeso – Momentum ft. Kansas Begaye (Official Music Video)

My Memory (© Save Wįyąbi Project)


“I am STRONG because I am a mother above all else.” (© Save Wįyąbi Project)

Before we get into the video I would like to take the time to share some facts on violent crimes against Indigenous women.

  • The US Department of Justice reports the rate of violent crime victimization of Native women is higher that all other populations
  • It is estimated that the rate of violent crime against Native women is 2 1/2 times the rate for all females
  • 1 in 3 Indigenous women will be raped
  • 3 in 4 will be physically assaulted
  • Native women are stalked at a rate more than double than other populations.

However, these are the statistics that have been reported. Many of these violent acts of crime against Indigenous women will never be reported. Don’t forget the thousands of missing and murder Indigenous women whose cases go unnoticed and unsolved. 


© Save Wįyąbi Project

Isn’t there something wrong with this picture? Why should Indigenous women be more afraid for their lives than any other population? Is it not heartbreaking we, as Indigenous women still remain to be push to the side and go unnoticed.

I remember when I felt I was being pushed to the side. I had to learn to cope with some painful memories from old relationships, and most of the time it was alone. Over the years, I had moments where I wished I could forget what happen to me. When I was abused and raped. I don’t know when or how but there came a point where I finally said, “I had enough. I don’t want to be the victim anymore.” With the help of Save Wįyąbi Project, I found myself “Strong” again.

The following video/poem is called “My Memory.” (©Save Wiyabi Project & Lady Yazzie. PLEASE ask for permission to use written text.)

“So sweet you were when we first met, Showing me around taking me on dates, This was the start of a brand new love, I never wanted this beautiful love to end, You took me home and I shared my dreams, I didn’t know at that time that you would make me scream…

You grab me and force yourself on me, After you said these words to me, lets be each other’s memories, Promised to face up and downs with me… Some memory that I have of you…

When you left for the first time I was hopeless, My heart ached and I cried until I was tearless, Then you came back to me 3 months later, And you told me, you never wanted to lose me, This love was a drug and we couldn’t be withdrawn, Little did I know the cycle would continue on…

You got up and grab me to rip me apart inside, Making your fire come out for another debut, Manipulating my clear thoughts in my mind… Some memory that I have of you…

You lied, you cheated, you became a deceiver, You made me believe that I was your lover, Despite the arguments we had each night, Never letting me go because you held me tight, All it took was those light brown eyes of yours, Telling me, to be only yours…

Every type of abuse came week after week, Your hands all over me not letting me breathe, not letting me speak, not letting free and me, Everything that you did made me feel weak… Some memory that I have of you…

My memories always consist of you of abusive ways, My life once was bright but are now dark days, The physical, emotional and verbal torment shows, Your true nature of your heart is expose, You never cared about how I felt about you, Because your selfish needs came before me too

But no more grabbing me, no more holding me down, Sorry I couldn’t be that perfect lady you wanted me to be, But its time for myself to make a turn around… And to create a different memory.”

©Save Wiyabi Project & Lady Yazzie (Asia Soleil Yazzie)

“No” is a Blessing

Saying “yes” always seems like a good idea, and saying “no” seems like the wrong idea. Saying “no” or learning to say “no” isn’t a bad thing. Yes, some people may call you selfish, an asshole or a bitch but learning to say “no” is a good thing. Understanding your limits, respecting yourself, and your well being is nothing to feel bad for. If you are unhappy with a job, a friendship, a relationship, a situation or anything for that matter, DON’T try to stick it out! Some things aren’t met to be fixed or met to be. Yes, it is hard to say “no” but in the end it works out for the best. We all have to learn how to say “No” to keep ourselves healthy.


Antro & Lady Yazzie at Gathering of MC’s 2015. Albuquerque, NM

I can say this because I learned it the hard way. For example, I had a job for 2 years and it made me very unhappy. It caused me to be re-diagnose with depression and diagnose with anxiety. I had friends who would tell me to quit but being stubborn and using the excuse, “I have my son to think of,” I grew sicker each day and became a different person. Yes, I did have a lot on my plate because I was holding down one full-time job and one part-time job, but I’m also a performing artist/dancer, a model, a business woman and with that I do travel and have to stay fit. AND on the top of all that, I am a single mother to a handsome son and have my dad, grandparents and aunt to keep in mind. It was a lot to handle but I did the best I could. But it was this job that did its work. It got to the point were I would force myself to wake up and I shit you not, I had days were I wished I never woke up. I don’t know what finally gave me the courage to quit but I did. Since then, I’ve received blessings after blessings.

I heard this quote a couple of months after I quit my job:

“People can block your blessings” -Keaira LaShae

True Pride Music. Eagle Butte, SD. 2015

True Pride Music. Eagle Butte, SD. 2015

How true is that? It wasn’t until I left, I started to receive my Creator’s blessings. For example, 3 days after I quit I was able to say to my homies from True Pride Music “Yes, we can leave on Sunday to South Dakota and Montana.” If I didn’t quit my job I wouldn’t have been able to see and experience all that I did during trip. My life after quitting has gotten better. Yes, I may still have a lot on my plate with my current job, being a performing artist/dancer, a model, a business woman and a friend and family member, but I am given more opportunities. First, I’m able to travel, perform and model more. Second, I was recently promoted at my current job. Lastly, I’m having more fun being at my home(s) with my family and friends. All because I finally said “No.” We all have the strength inside us, we just have to believe it in ourselves. It is scary to move on and let people go but everything works out in the end, whether it may be the way you wanted it to or not. You’ll always receive blessings, even when you say no.

Buddy Trainer.

Promoted to Buddy Trainer.


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